Cost of solar PV is less than you’d think

Solar PV costs much less than people realise.  The cost of the generation equipment has halved over the last 2-3 years making it affordable to most households; especially because the system size can be scaled in line with what people want to invest in this technology. Having part of your electricity consumption provided by your […]


Roof integrated Solar PV

Roof integrated Solar PV looks absolutely stunning with a profile similar to velum.  It is perfect for new roofs or roofs being refurbished as it saves on the cost of roof tiles.  There are various companies offering this product, each with a slightly different mechanism for mounting but all with the same beautiful end result. […]

Tax implications of Solar PV

The information below summarises the tax implications for Solar PV installations at the time of writing.  However, we would recommend that commercial businesses/business owners seek advice from their accountant as to how this relates to your own tax position. Domestic: There are no tax implications.  The income earned from the Feed in Tariff is tax […]