Case study – Mrs Johnston West Bridgford

Solar Panels Nottingham

The System

Size – 4.0kWp

Number of panels/type – 16 x 250W Suntech

Inverter – SMA

Annual output – 3,286 kWh

Average annual return on investment expected -17.7%

The property has a flat roof, perfect for the siting of a solar PV installation – expansive uninterrupted flat space, discrete, unshaded with an ability to position the solar panels for optimum power generation.

3 options were provided for Mrs Johnston to consider varying the system size through design and panel outputs. Each option was presented with its cost, payback and average annual return on investment. The middle sized system option was chosen.

R U Switched On worked to a tight timeframe to ensure the installation could be commissioned before 1 August 2012 before the feed-in tariff dropped to the next degression. R U Switched On made the planning application (required in this particular case) on Mrs Johnston’s behalf and completed/submitted the relevant paperwork to her energy provider and the Distribution Network Operator.

With the Indian Summer that followed, Mrs Johnston quickly saw the potential of her new solar PV installation to provide the security against rising energy prices and additional tax free income stream she set out to achieve.