Case study – Garden lighting

Love your space

Gorgeous lighting products create interest and effects so you can continue to enjoy your garden after dark

R U Switched On first worked with Mrs Harrison in early 2012 following a recommendation from one of our customers of 4 years.

Mrs Harrison wanted us to source a range of contemporary lighting to light up pathways, shrubs, trees, the patio, driveway and driveway entrance. Additional outdoor sockets were also required.

The solutions:

  • Stainless steel spike lights to shine down onto the pathways
  • LED ground mounted spot and flood lights
  • Eye catching floor standing patio lamps
  • Amber LED cats eyes
  • Modern up and down wall lights

The different types and areas of lighting have been wired onto 4 separate circuits capable of being switched on and off separately.  A wireless system has been installed to allow Mrs Harrison to remotely switch each lighting circuit from inside the house using a key fob (multiple key fobs can be supplied).

Where possible, LED lighting and energy saving bulbs have been used rather than halogen or incandescent alternatives to save on running costs.