Solar PV

Solar PV costs much less than people realise.

The cost of the generation equipment has halved over the last 2 years making it affordable to most property owners.

We asked our customers why they wanted to invest in solar PV. Here are the top 3 reasons given by:

Domestic homeowners

  • Protection against rising energy prices
  • Low risk investment with a significantly higher return than “anything else out there”
  • Dual benefit of heating hot water at a fraction of the cost of solar thermal technology (see optimising devices)


  • Savings on electricity increasing the profit on all inclusive rentals
  • Competitive advantage where cost savings are passed on to the tenant
  • An affordable means of increasing the EPC rating of the property

Business owners

  • Leveraging a second income stream from the business property
  • Savings on electricity bills increasing business profits
  • Cost of installation is tax deductible

Of course the green credentials from incorporating solar PV into a property was mentioned by all – but interestingly, saving the environment was not the most important reason for choosing this technology.

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